Roofing Types

/Roofing Types

We use only the highest quality roofing materials and employ only experienced professional installers. Take a look at some of our preferred materials below, or read about the pros and cons between these different roofing types.



Click here to see more about the various shingles we install. From conventional shingles to premium tile and slate, there is something for every aesthetic and budget.


staggered multicolor slate roofing 512Roofs, Austin TXSlate is one of the most durable types of roofing you can get with lifespans exceeding 80-100 years, but requires special skills to install. We have a team who specialize in this classic, ultra durable roofing.
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clay tile shingles 512Roofs Austin TX

We install both fine clay tile and concrete tile roofing. As with slate, tile roofing requires special skills. Our experienced teams of roofers have the expertise required to perfectly install tile roofs.


metal roofing 512Roofs Austin TX

We install several kinds of metal roofing, such as Standing Seam, Copper, Stone-Coated Steel, Commercial Grade Ribbed Panels.